Meet Larry Cushman

Larry Cushman, founder of Cushman Insurance Agency, planted his roots in Virginia nearly 60 years ago. Originally born in Lancaster, PA Larry was just 9 years old when his family moved to the D.C suburbs. While he cherishes all of his outdoor experiences as a young boy, the most influential was when he was introduced to hunting at just 14 years old. A close friend invited him on a deer and rabbit hunt, accompanied by the family’s prized beagles. The rest is history.


Larry can vividly remember the excitement leading up to opening day of deer season. He admits he was far too excited to sleep the night before, but the adrenaline flowing made up for any weariness. The thrill of the hunt was important, but what really resonated with Larry was the time spent with his father, brother, and close friends. The camaraderie a hunt creates is something that could never be replaced. This joy and appreciation is something he passed down to his own son, Cole, and he knew he could never take their time together for granted.


While time spent outdoors was Larry’s first passion, he discovered his interest in insurance upon graduating from George Washington University. Even though his degree was in Psychology, his brother recruited him to take a job as a Casualty Recruiter at the Hartford Insurance Company. Larry recalls not even knowing what the position was, but the salary of $10,000 a year negated any feelings of uncertainty. He stayed with Hartford Insurance Company for two years and then decided working for an agency was where he could make “real money”. After making the career change to agency life, Larry decided to take the additional step and he opened his own agency. Thus, in 1981, Cushman Insurance Agency was born.


Larry frequently mentions that he never would have believed he would find himself in the insurance business. He believes the insurance industry has been immensely rewarding, and his career path has afforded great opportunities. More importantly, the satisfaction of helping people protect their assets while also saving them money leaves Larry with a true feeling of achievement.


Larry still plays an active role in his company, but has changed the pace of his personal life. After years of embarking on exotic hunts in places such as Africa and Alaska, Larry now spends most of his time trap shooting. After multiple health challenges Larry accepts that the pace of his life has needed to slow down. Despite all these challenges, shouting “pull” and chasing clay pigeons have become a welcomed staple in his life. It not only serves as a mode of advertising for Gun & Trophy every once in a while, but also has led to many competition wins.


At the end of the day, Larry can confidently say his family, career, and hobbies have accumulated into a lifetime of irreplaceable memories and incredible accomplishments. As he always says, “Everyone needs insurance”. No matter how new or seasoned you are, let Gun & Trophy protect what’s important to you.

Larry Cushman - Gun and Trophy Insurance
Larry Cushman - Gun and Trophy Insurance
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