Unexpected Shotgun Mishaps

A 6 Part Series on the Fine Print Reasons You Should Properly Insure Your Shotguns

The sun is just peaking over the horizon and a golden glow has fallen on the open water. Being in a duck blind has always been a peaceful place, but this particular morning seems exceptional. You can see the decoys bobbing in the breeze, waiting to be spotted. At first the landscape is quiet but you slowly begin to hear faint echoes of the familiar quack.

The anticipation of a duck on the horizon is always exciting, but truthfully you would’ve been content with the tranquil experience alone. You line up your sites and see if you can get a bead on a decent target. Surprisingly you realize you’ve got an effortless shot – you decide to take it. You fire and feel a premature sense of accomplishment, only to realize you may have overestimated the guaranteed hit.

You can quickly see that your sites are off and therefore you’re not shooting true. It’s a disappointment, but any gun owner will know that over time, with regular use, a gun will need maintenance.

The following week you decide to send your firearm to the gunsmith for an easy repair to the site. The responsible decision? Yes. Is this what Gun & Trophy would recommend? Yes.

This should be the end of the story – but sometimes life throws you a curveball.

Shortly after dropping off your firearm, you receive a distraught call from your gunsmith. His shop experienced an electrical issue which resulted in a fire that leveled the structure to the ground. Unfortunately, not only did the business burn down, but your firearm has been irreparably damaged. Does this actually happen? What are the odds?

This is a scenario that Gun & Trophy has seen happen first hand. It seems unlikely, but unfortunately a customer has come to us with this situation. So what happens now? Fortunately, Gun & Trophy Insurance has you covered.

With our policy, we provide coverage when your firearm is “temporarily in another location”. We will pay for a “loss” aka damage if the gun is temporarily not at your location – for instance if the damage occurred while under the care of a gunsmith. We have a maximum loss, which is either the value of the sporting or hunting guns and accessories, or $500,000.

You can imagine the relief our customer had when our agent at Gun & Trophy assured him he would be made whole from this unexpected loss. Our policies were created by gun-owners and crafted to provide the most comprehensive coverage at the lowest price. Our customers save up to 75 percent off when moving from competitor policies. Get $20,000 of blanket coverage for just $130 per year with a $500 deductible.

Take a few minutes and learn about our blanket policies. We recommend either the Silver or Gold blanket policy if you do not have trophies and if your collection is valued under $48,000. You can get $20,000 of blanket coverage for just $130 per year with a $500 deductible. We also offer our Premier Policy, which is designed to address the more complex needs of shooting enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a hunter, sportsman, competitor, collector, or all of the above – we have coverage plans to meet your needs. Visit the policy pages to learn more and stay tuned for additional shotgun owner mishaps.

Written by Cole Cushman



Cole Cushman found his passion for hunting at just 11 years old. His extensive gun collection can be traced back to when he received his first rifle at 15, a Browning medallion 7mm. In 2007, Cole decided to merge his personal love for hunting with his professional career in finance by starting Gun & Trophy Insurance.