Unexpected Shotgun Mishaps

A 6 Part Series on the Fine Print Reasons You Should Properly Insure Your Shotguns

It’s another misty Saturday morning, and you are awoken by the warmth of sun rays that are streaming through your bedroom windows. You’re jolted awake by the sudden realization that today is range day with your friends.

Any weekend is a good weekend when you get to spend it with your buddies and your firearms. Home life is peaceful, the stressful work week is behind you, and you’re ready to let it all out on the range.

You head out early in the morning after giving your guns a once-over to ensure that everything is clean and functioning properly. You’ve got a thermos full of black coffee whose scent is ruminating through the truck; your favorite band is streaming through the speakers, and on the back seat rests a few of your favorite shotguns. You’re ready to shoot some skeet. Life is good.

You arrive at the range, hop out of the truck and instead of taking everything with you as you had planned, you only choose your favorite gun and leave the rest behind. As you head toward the entrance to the range, you can already smell the gunpowder from the groups already shooting. You can already feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins. You find your buddies, take out your shotgun, and embrace the feel of the wood and cold metal in your hands.

After a great morning on the course, someone suggests lunch. You shot well, hitting most of your clays, and you’re proud of it, so you agree to call it a day. As you head back to your truck with your gun case thrown over your shoulder, that good day you were having begins to turn upside down.

You notice the back door is slightly open, and the only thing left in the back seat is your drinks cooler. The firearms that you left in the backseat are gone: the cases, the locks, everything.

“Bro, didn’t you lock your truck doors?”

Honestly, you can’t remember if you did or not. Your stomach turns over and suddenly lunch is the last thing on your mind. You don’t even want to begin to add up the amount of money that you had invested in those guns. So what now? Who do you call? What do you do? Does your firearm insurance cover theft when your car has been broken into?

Most insurance contracts have “conditions” and “exclusions” that could nullify your insurance coverage. One exclusion in particular is known as, “locked vehicle warranty.” This policy usually states that the theft of a gun from a locked vehicle is covered, as long as your vehicle also shows signs of forced entry. But if your truck was unlocked at the time of the theft, it will not be covered.

The great news is that Gun & Trophy Insurance has this exact scenario covered in our policy, and our firearm policy regarding auto thefts is far less restrictive. Our policy says that theft from vehicles is covered, even if the vehicle is unlocked at shooting venues, shooting clubs, or shooting ranges. Our intent is to provide broad coverage for theft while at shooting venues.

Today, take a minute to learn about our blanket firearm policies. We offer two tiers of coverage to match your needs. The Silver policy, which covers up to $20,000. Gold, which covers up to $48,000. If you don’t need coverage for trophies and your firearm collection is valued at less than $48,000, then we recommend our silver or gold policies.

However, if you are looking for a more extensive policy that also includes coverage for hunts and trophies, take a look at our Premier Policy option, which can be tailored to meet your needs.

Whether you’re a hunter, sportsman, competitor, collector, or all of the above – we have coverage plans to meet your needs. Visit the policy pages to learn more and stay tuned for more shotgun owner mishaps.

Written by Cole Cushman



Cole Cushman found his passion for hunting at just 11 years old. His extensive gun collection can be traced back to when he received his first rifle at 15, a Browning medallion 7mm. In 2007, Cole decided to merge his personal love for hunting with his professional career in finance by starting Gun & Trophy Insurance.