Unexpected Shotgun Mishaps

Part 5: Issues with Trophy and Gun After Hunt

A 6 Part Series on the Fine Print Reasons You Should Properly Insure Your Shotguns

The Western Bongo: a glorious beast sporting a mahogany coat etched with bright white stripes. Thick, slightly twirled horns rest supremely atop its head. It is a masterpiece and it is yours.

Every time you look upon your trophy, your chest swells with pride as you remember the hunt. The twelve days it took to track the beast were long and grueling. The hunt had been muggy and physically demanding which made the final shot that much more exhilarating. It is a memory you will cherish forever. And like any good hunter does, you’ve mounted the Bongo on your wall in your trophy room – displayed for all to see.

As you head out the door for your business meeting, you take one last look at your prized trophy, and breathe a sigh of satisfaction. It’s a Friday, and the commute to today’s meeting is pretty long, and it’s a good weekend to spend the night away, maybe hang out with a few friends, and make the long drive back home in the morning.

After a successful meeting and an even better night out with friends, the morning comes and it’s time to head back home. On the drive back, your mind is filled with the events of the previous day. The meeting went smoothly, the evening catching up with friends was a success and you’re feeling refreshed and ready to catch up on some long overdue yard work. The weather is nice this morning and you’re ready to get some sunshine and break a bit of a sweat.

As you pull into your driveway, that easygoing feeling is snatched away when you immediately notice the broken window and the front door that is cracked open. You try to rationalize the oddities, and avoid thinking the worst, but deep down, you know something awful has happened. After quickly throwing your car into park, you hustle inside.

Glass from the broken window crunches under your feet as you run from room to room. Frantically, you try to identify what all is missing. A computer, the living room T.V., your favorite watch, and many more personal belongings have all been taken. As you walk into your trophy room, you gasp in horror. There is a gaping hole where your western bongo was once mounted. Your stomach turns, and your mind begins to race about what to do next.

Devastated? That’s an understatement.

What do you do now? Does your insurance policy have coverage for this scenario? You haven’t even made it back home yet. Your trophy seems irreplaceable, and your firearm was upwards of several thousand dollars, once you consider the improvements and additions you made to it.

The good news is that Gun & Trophy Insurance has a policy that covers this scenario. While we do not cover trophies until they clear the U.S. Customs, your trophy has already made it past that point, so you’re in the clear. We provide coverage for guns and trophies in transit or temporarily at a location other than “your location.” Our policies include coverage that pays up to $500k in covered guns, and $100k for covered trophies.

A check from your insurance provider can never replace the loss of your Western Bongo, nor the memories that came along with it. However, the Western Bongo is one of the 350-plus animals that Gun & Trophy Insurance provides coverage for under our trophy policy.

We can’t turn back time to prevent theft, but we can pay the majority of the cost to send you back to tropical Africa to try again for round two. Gun & Trophy Insurance has policies to cover many unfortunate scenarios that you find yourself in. If you are interested in this type of blanket coverage, you can learn more on our website today.

Written by Cole Cushman



Cole Cushman found his passion for hunting at just 11 years old. His extensive gun collection can be traced back to when he received his first rifle at 15, a Browning medallion 7mm. In 2007, Cole decided to merge his personal love for hunting with his professional career in finance by starting Gun & Trophy Insurance.