What information does Gun & Trophy share?

And the reasons why.


What information is shared and why don’t you require serial numbers?

We do not share collection details or lists with any entity. The only exception is if there is a claim in which case, we will provide specifics to the Hanover-appointed claims adjuster. Firearms valued under $10,000 can be covered using a blanket/unscheduled limit of insurance. This removes the need to provide any specifics about the collection as the coverage is not tied to any one item.

We share the same concern as our customers where we do not want (or need) the responsibility of storing inventories for thousands of customers. This also removes the need to add and subtract items throughout the policy year saving us and our clients time as well as keeping the program’s rates low. In fact, we have not had a rate increase since the program started in 2017.

We recommend keeping a list stored on your end as well as at a secondary location i.e., a family member. Alternatively, a short video or photos of the collection should be saved on a cloud-based platform.

Written by Cole Cushman



Cole Cushman found his passion for hunting at just 11 years old. His extensive gun collection can be traced back to when he received his first rifle at 15, a Browning medallion 7mm. In 2007, Cole decided to merge his personal love for hunting with his professional career in finance by starting Gun & Trophy Insurance.