Premier Policy

Insure Your Scheduled Guns and/or Trophies

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Obtain Custom Coverage

The Premier Plan is a robust and tailored way to acquire insurance for your guns and/or trophies. It allows you to obtain a higher level of blanket coverage, to schedule your guns, and to insure your trophies (including the cost of the hunt!). This means you have flexibility and the ability to customize the coverage you need.

Coverage Explanation

This policy is designed to address the more complex needs of shooting enthusiasts. We recommend either the Silver or Gold Policy if you do not have trophies, if your collection is valued under $48k, if your individual guns and accessories are under $10k, or if you prefer not the schedule guns on your policy. 

The Premier Policy proves a flexible and specific way to obtain blanket coverage for collections, to schedule guns, and to cover trophies. When you begin your application, you will be able to customize your coverage and select a deductible that will calculate your premium based on your coverage selections. The annual premium begins at only $150, plus a nominal administrative fee.

Blanket Coverage

In the Premier Policy, individual items will be covered up to a maximum of $10k. Blanket coverage guns are not scheduled. This means you do not need to describe the gun or provide serial numbers to purchase insurance today. 

Scheduled Guns

While any gun may be scheduled, you will likely want to schedule guns and accessories valued over $10k. Scheduling a gun ensures it is covered in your policy at the stated value you provide, along with the description and serial number. To expedite your coverage, you may upload a spreadsheet of your inventory to save time listing each within the application.

Trophy Coverage

When you begin your application, you will be able to select the trophies you would like to cover from our extensive species list that spans the continents. Trophy coverage is provided at stated limits defined in the application and includes the cost of the hunt. If you have questions about trophy coverage, please contact us.


Please note, all policies automatically renew annually to save you time and to ensure your coverage remains in effect until you choose to cancel. In addition, all policy payments are fully funded from the moment of purchase, and refunds or partial refunds are not offered.

Coverage Exclusions

The Premier Policy does not cover:

  • Collections valued at less than $2,500
  • Ammunition
  • Targets
  • Collections stored outside the United States

Special Approvals

If an insurance company has declined/refused coverage for a reason other than claims or if you have had a gun-related claim over $25,000 in the last 5 years, your application will need to be reviewed by a member of our team.

Gun collections valued at greater than $500,000, trophy collections valued at greater than $250,000, and scheduled guns and accessories valued at $50,000 or more require approval. Depending upon the size of your collection, a safe, vault, fire station, or burglar alarm may be required. A member of our team will contact you for additional information.

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