Trophy Coverage

The Best Hunting Trophy Coverage Offered in the U.S.A.

Your hunting trophy collection represents a lifetime of memories, dedication to, and achievement – protect it.

Homeowners insurance provides blanket coverage for many trophies; however, it doesn’t offer reimbursement for the actual cost of your hunt.

Revisit Your Hunt

While a picture and a check from your insurer may “make you whole” from the loss of your magnificent Argali. The hole over the fireplace where its huge head used to look over your living room can’t be replaced, nor can the memories… or can they?

The Argali is one of the 350+ animals Gun & Trophy provides coverage under our trophy policy. And while we can’t turn back time, we can pay the majority of the cost to send you back to the Altai Mountains in Central Asia for another shot!

Guns & Trophies – Covered in One Policy

Gun & Trophy Insurance is modern insurance for the game hunter. 

We proudly partner with The Hanover Insurance Group. We represent thousands of individuals across the country and operate as an independent insurance agency for U.S. Citizens seeking coverage for the things that matter to them.

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