Insurance for the Shooting Enthusiast

Comprehensive Gun and Trophy Policies for Hunters, Sportsmen, Competitors, Collectors, and more

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Types of Coverage Offered

Worldwide insurance for guns, trophies, and hunts. Enjoy the same low rate for coverage, including theft, flood, earthquake, and terrorism. Policies start at just $115 per year for $20,000 of coverage. Larger collections benefit from lower rates ranging from 14 cents to 31 cents per $100 per year.

Why Gun & Trophy Insurance?

The Cushman Insurance agency was founded in 1981, and since that time, we have represented thousands of clients across the United States. Partnering with The Hanover Insurance Company allows us to offer coverage to gun collectors, competitive shooters, historical reenactors, tactical shooters, hunters, and more.

With Gun & Trophy, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing better insurance at a great value with a more specific contract.

If you need gun insurance, trophy insurance (which includes the value of the hunt), or a combination within one policy, trust Gun & Trophy to provide flexible coverage at an affordable rate.

Answers to FAQs

Purchasing additional insurance to cover your guns and trophies is easy, but many clients have questions about the differences between what our policies cover and what their homeowner’s policy includes. Read on to learn more about the differences and what Gun & Trophy offers.

Why should I buy separate gun insurance?
While homeowners insurance policies do provide some coverage – it only provides coverage up to the limit insured for under Coverage C, or “unscheduled personal property.”
Do you require serial numbers?
Our Silver and Gold (Blanket) Policies do not require information about a collection until a claim is made. Our Premier Policy does allow for but does not require scheduling / supplying serial numbers when you purchase your policy.
What's the quickest way to purchase gun insurance?
For most, the Silver and Gold Blanket policies are the fastest and easiest way to acquire coverage. These policies are $115 and $150 annually with a small administrative fee and a $500 deductible.

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