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Family Owned and Backed by the Worldclass, Highly Rated Hanover Insurance Group

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Since 1981, the Cushman Insurance Agency, Inc. has been serving clients worldwide from Chantilly, VA – a little city just outside of the Nation’s Capital.

Partnering with The Hanover Insurance Group, we represent thousands of individuals across the country operating as an independent insurance agency.

We are a family-owned and operated business that has been blessed
to combine our passion and our profession.

A Note from Larry Cushman, Our Founder

“As an avid hunter since 15 years of age, I have been blessed with the opportunity to hunt both in the United States and foreign lands. The acquisition of trophies from Africa and other locales decorate my offices and provide lifetime memories for me. Every trophy reminds me of my travels and experiences. While I still occasionally hunt, I was introduced to trap shooting in 2009. This sport has become a true passion for me (and an obsession if you ask my wife).

Trap shooting has enabled me to enjoy a modicum of success and rekindled my competitive spirit. 5 years ago, having collected some two dozen trophies and a number of guns, I checked into insuring these cherished items. When I discovered limited coverage for both guns and trophies found in my homeowner’s policy, I began to research other insurance options. My search left me disappointed, but inspired to find a way to not only solve the challenge I had, but also serve others with coverage that would meet their needs as well. And that’s how Gun & Trophy Insurance began.”

larry cushman

We Use and Trust Our Policies

When you purchase gun, trophy, or gun and trophy insurance from us, know that we stand behind our offering. When we crafted our coverages, we researched our competitors and put together the most attractive provisions, and filled gaps other policies left so that we could offer a unique alternative for hunters and shooting sportsmen.

By identifying what others would omit and finding an insurance partner who would work with us to create specialized coverages – we are pleased to offer a program that exceeds expectations and delivers more value for our clients.

As avid shooters, we purchase our own insurance to cover our growing collections and protect our cherished trophies.

larry cushman

Our Partner, The Hanover Insurance Group

Founded in 1852, Hanover is one of the strongest and most respected insurance companies in the nation. With an outstanding history and reputation, they are considered by Forbes to be in the Top 50 Most Trustworthy Financial Firms in the US.

With a 93% claims satisfaction rating, Industry Analysts A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, and Moody’s give them an “A,” excellent rating.

Hanover is one of the fastest-growing property and casualty companies, and Cushman Insurance is their exclusive agent for the Gun & Trophy program.

Review from a Gun & Trophy Client

Bill Hagerty

“After having my custom made gun stock break in half while attending a state shoot, I was very disappointed needless to say. But after speaking to and sending pictures to Mr. Larry Cushman of Guns & Trophy Insurance, and having an estimate sent for a new custom stock replacement of same value, I was quickly approved and received a check via email to cover the stock replacement. I am so appreciative of the fast response to process coverage for my loss, they were very pleasant and caring to work with. Thank you for being so kind and attentive in resolving this matter, you made the process exceptional. I will be referring your company to many other fellow shooters. ”

– Bill Hagerty from Michigan

Review from a Gun & Trophy Client

Michael B.

“After an unexpected claim…You folks responded immediately and began the process with Hanover Insurance. I received a call from their adjuster the next day and my experience has been as good with them as the one I have had with you folks. The decision on the claim only took 48 hours, again with the same immediate responses by them to my emails.

Frankly, this is the best experience I have ever had with any Agency or Insurer of any kind.”

– Michael B. from California

Review from a Gun & Trophy Client

John R.

“Just went with Gun and Trophy for my insurance and dropped the expensive rider from my homeowners policy. There were just too many exclusions and exceptions to bother with it any longer, and the price was becoming prohibitive. All reports from folks that have dealt with Gun and Trophy were positive, and that’s a rarity in insurance. Easy application and very competitive rates were plusses. I don’t want to find out how claims are handled – none of us do. But I’m confident if it comes to that things will be handled professionally and properly.”

– John R. from New Hampshire

Review from a Gun & Trophy Client

Gene F.

“I was interested in them as I was paying outrageously for coverage through another company. I called the number and Larry answered – from Italy! He was traveling and not only answered my call, but also the many questions I had right on the spot. I switched to them the next day. While I haven’t had to file a claim, I feel confident that anyone who will answer a call while vacationing in Italy will certainly be available when things go wrong.”

– Gene F. from Massachusetts

Review from a Gun & Trophy Client

Will M.

“I’m in the process of renewing my Gun & Trophy policy for the third time and Cole very quickly returned my call with answers to a couple of questions.

For anyone considering Gun & Trophy, a few years ago I changed insurance agents to a shooting friend of mine. He knew my guns and saw that they weren’t listed on my homeowners policy because I had them with another agency (I’m a life member of NSCA, SCI, NRA, etc. so was using their sponsored group at the time). He said his son had a rather extensive gun collection and that both father and son were with Gun & Trophy. I’ve been with them since. No claims.”

– Will M. from Virginia

Review from a Gun & Trophy Client

Jim R.

“You will not find anyone any easier to work with than Larry or Cole.”

– Jim R. from Iowa

Review from a Gun & Trophy Client

Mark E.

“My guns are insured with Guns and Trophy. Larry and Cole are First class. Top notch coverage and reasonably priced. If you ever ship your guns, you’re covered! The shipping insurance savings will almost pay for your annual premium. Best value in the industry.”

– Mark E. from Virginia

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