Blanket Policies

Insure Your Guns with Gold or Silver Coverage Plans

Blanket coverage is a quick and easy way to acquire insurance for your guns and accessories. You can save time when purchasing a policy by selecting either the Silver or Gold plan.

These plans are blanket coverage plans, which means that you do not need to provide a list of your guns or their serial numbers at this time. In the event of a loss, you will need to prove ownership, but you can purchase your policy today without itemizing the guns you own.

Comparing Silver Versus Gold Policies

The difference between the Silver and Gold plan is the sum of the value of your guns. For example, if you have purchased less than $20,000 in guns, you would choose the Silver policy. If you have purchased between $20,001 and $48,000 – you would select the Gold policy. If you have a collection valued over $48,000 – you would choose our Premier Policy. Find more information on the Premier Policy here.

Both plans have a low annual premium between $115-$150 and an admin fee to cover the costs of administering your policy. 


If you have a single gun that is valued over $10,000 – you should choose the Premier Plan if you want to be insured at the stated value. Silver and Gold policies only provide coverage up to $10,000 per gun. 

Please note, all policies automatically renew annually to ensure your coverage remains in effect until you choose to cancel. All policy payments are fully funded from the moment of payment, and refunds or partial refunds are not offered.

Coverage Exclusions

Neither Silver nor Gold Policies cover the following: 

  • Ammunition
  • Targets
  • Trophies
  • Hunts
  • Collections located in Alaska or Hawaii

If you wish to obtain coverage for your trophies or hunts, please choose the Premier Plan.

Choose Your Policy

Under $20,000

Annual Fees:

Premium: $115
Admin Fee: $15
Deductible: $500


Annual Fees:

Premium: $150
Admin Fee: $25
Deductible: $500

Over $48,001

Annual Fees: Custom

See our Premier Policy Plans for coverage options tailored to fit your needs.

Special Approvals

If you have had a gun-related claim over $25,000 in the last 5 years or if an insurance company has declined/refused coverage for a reason other than claims – your application will need to be manually reviewed. A member of our team will contact you for additional information.

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