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Many gun owners believe homeowner’s policies provide adequate coverage for firearms; however, it’s easy to miss that most policies limit coverage for the theft of guns to a maximum of $5,000. Total. Not for each gun.

Your homeowner’s insurance protects you for all perils insured against under your “Coverage C” – also known as unscheduled personal property. This means that your guns are covered under a “replacement cost” or “actual cash value” basis. As long as the guns are not stolen.

Check Your Current Homeowner’s Policy

Search your existing policy for “special limits of liability for coverage C unscheduled personal property.” In that section, you will probably find the amounts payable under the policy for the peril of theft are restricted.

What most homeowners don’t realize is that the items listed and affected are the most highly targeted by burglars: guns, cash, precious metals, fine art, jewelry, furs, and other expensive items.

That $5,000 cap applies to all of these unscheduled “personal property items.” Now you know.

Adding a Separate Gun Policy

Insurers are facing increasing pressure to address liability for gun use, potential gun loss (or theft), and as a result, they are aware of the homeowner’s liability in owning a firearm.

An increasing number of liability lawsuits have targeted gun owners who have had handguns stolen from them. Allegations that people have “failed to protect the public” and/or were “negligent” in securing their weapons have started when violent crimes are committed.

Then there’s cost. Most homeowner’s policies charge between $1.50-1.80 per $100 in gun value. With Gun & Trophy Insurance, you’ll pay less. Much less.

Blanket Gun Coverage Limit $20k (Silver)

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Blanket Gun Coverage Limit $48k (Gold)

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Scheduled Guns, Trophies, and/or Blanket Coverage Over $48k (Premier)

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Policy Payouts – Primary vs. Excess Basis

Our policy provides property coverage on a primary basis on loss to an owned gun. This means you do not have to get your homeowner’s insurance company involved in a loss.

Gun & Trophy policies for coverage on an excess basis refer to coverage for “non-owned guns,” i.e., loaners.

Most policies provide coverage for non-owned guns if the insured is deemed “legally liable” for the loss.

We will pay up to $25k in excess of any valid and collectible other insurance for the loss of a non-owned gun in our insured’s care, custody, or control. Regardless and irrespective of legal liability.

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